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brand notes


mondays are not the enemies of our weekends, the end of our freedoms.

in this space, mondays symbolize renewal and opportunity. a chance to harvest the seeds of last week’s sowing. moremondayplz promotes wellness and curation, exploration and alignment.


Violet + Iris, a small-batch handmade candle company founded in Atlanta, Georgia, was born in January 2017 after creator and main chandler Danielle Marshall decided to share her personal interests in self-care and apothecary with the world. The relaxing hobby quickly blossomed into a candle studio obsession. As a recent college graduate, Danielle realized that the market for high quality yet affordable candles was somewhat limited and wanted to provide a diverse product line to suit a plethora of needs. Violet + Iris is dedicated to producing candles made from ethically sourced ingredients free of dyes, lead, zinc, and other synthetic additives to amplify your self-care experience. 


"Candles hold a certain ethereal power; they're able to change the entire aura of a space with their subtle fragrance and light. And because of that, they're essential."

- Danielle